ERP strips: the First Group strips for Ecodesign

Less energy consumed, much more light ERP-compliant First Group led strips present several advantages: Remarkable lumens/watt ratio with high fluxes at the same standard wattage Lower energy use Less need for thermal dissipation Less stress on the led Increased life time More technical details on the ERP strips

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Strip Sauna: the First Group strip dedicated to wellness

Wellness is at your doorstep with these strips, which find their perfect use in the wellness sector. In fact, the sauna strip is designed for installation in areas with high temperature and/or humidity. For this very reason, it is also the ideal product for use over cooking surfaces, on hoods and on heated food [...]

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4,5mm Light Line Strip: the elegance of ineffability

First Group's 4.5mm dotless strip is a strip with a minimal essence that can be used in all your spaces for its lightweight and adaptable quality and to a wide variety of needs. Its elegance and precision combines with key technical features, including dimmability and high luminous flux. The strip is available and you [...]

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ALFIO: the ideal First Group profile for visible solutions

Following the PENDI profile, today we introduce you to our ALFIO profile: minimal in appearance, it is also characterized by the elegance of its rounded cover, which completely covers the aluminum parts. It is possible to apply strips with wattage up to 15W to it. As with our other products, we offer custom cuts [...]

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RGB dotless strip: a new product for First Group

A new strip RGB strip is finally available in dotless format: available in 15W and IP20, it is the perfect strip for coloring rooms with a single line of light without the annoying dots of more common RGB strips. The dotless RGB strip comes with 3M VHB double-sided adhesive and has a cut [...]

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Constant evolution at First Group: discover our new Ulbricht spheres

We have implemented our laboratory with two ULBRICHT integrating spheres of 150 cm and 50 cm and spectrocolorimeter, an instrumentation that allows us to verify the characteristics of our LED products and ensure batch consistency and product quality. For First Group this is an important investment that highlights the quality focus that has distinguished us [...]

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Product of the month: Voice Controller Echo Alexa and Google Home

The new Voice Controller Echo Alexa is a receiver that can be simultaneously paired with all dimming systems offered by First Group (such as 1 - 4 zone remote controls and 503 boxes) and Google Home and Echo - Alexa voice control systems. Learn more about the Echo Alexa Voice Controller The receiver works [...]

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First Group Collection 2022: download the new catalog

The new catalog featuring the First Group 2022 collection is now available. Download it at this link and discover all the new products, including ERP strips and the ALFIO profile. ERP 4,8W strip Please also be advised that as of June 1, our price lists has also been updated. Contact us for more information and [...]

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Product of the month: strip led HB 240led

The HB 240 LED strip is one of the most popular strips of First Group: a product that adds to the already excellent features of the classic 240 LED strip a significantly higher luminous flux. Its low cost makes it the perfect strip for those looking for a product that heats up less but [...]

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